Our house, situated at the center of the village adjacent to the town hall, offers comfortable accommodation in three guest bedrooms.


Each bedroom is located on the ground floor, connects to its own private bathroom and it is featured by its rich wooden furniture from the early 19th century.
The furniture belonged to our grandparents and has been polished and restored by us using only organic beeswax and lemon essential oil. The rooms are welcoming, each with its own history.
Since we are convinced that we can never dedicate enough time to those we cherish, we do not offer television service in the rooms... However, if you really want to stay connected, you will find free wi-fi!

...& Breakfast

We choose breakfast food with utmost thoughtfulness:


We reside on the first floor. This allows us to spend part of the day with our guests, starting with breakfast time. Our offer is not limited to accommodations and breakfast.
Both of us are: Mountain Hiking Guides, Certified Nordic Walking Instructors. We can guide you in the discovery of unfrequented Italian landscape apart from busy tourist hotspots.


To promote low environmental impact, the Bed and Breakfast utilizes an alternative solar heating system, a Termocamino, and energy-saving light bulbs.
We have opened the doors of our house in the same manner in which a window may be opened to reveal the horizon, to stretch our sights and to welcome all those who would like to explore the mountains together.


3 JANUARY - 2 APRIL: Double Room 80 euros
3 APRIL - 31 JULY: Double Room 70 euros
1th-26 AGUST: Double Room 80 euros
27 AGUST - 16 DECEMBER: Double Room 70 euros
17-26 DECEMBER: Double Room 80 euros
27 DECEMBER - 2 JANUARY: Double Room 90 euros

3rd et 4th bed min 20 euros/max 40 euros each, it depends on period and age.


Outdoor activities regenerate us while providing us with enthusiasm, peace of mind, vitality, determination in the face of life.
We love Nature and her living beings and we are happy to share this love with our guests. The bliss in their eyes pushes us to pursue our path with great respect for the plant life and animal life of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.
Since we organize excursions for our B&B guests only, we do not have a specific program of activities, we are very flexible and always ready to live new adventures in your company, so as to better fulfill all your requests and needs.
There are a great number of paths that lead to the same point; we tend to prefer to ones traced by the local wildlife.


From € 10 per person for a walk of 2 to 3 hours
To € 15 per person for an excursion of 4 to 5 hours
To € 20 per person for a hike of 6 to 7 hours

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have, we'll be glad to be as detailed and informative as possible in our answers.

So if our philosophy of life and our offered activities and excursions interest you, we wait eagerly for you in Pescasseroli at Via Colli dell'Oro, 31, National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio &Molise. Italy.